Races :


Kingdoms: Naver
Average Life Span: 125 Years
Physical Attributes: As diverse as you'd expect from Humans. There are many different cultures within the Human race, and they are the dominant race in Eboreos, despite their shorter life spans. They are extremely adaptable and can live almost anywhere with relative ease.


High Elves:

Lonan (Northern)
Nenet (Southern)
Average Life Span: 500 years
Physical attributes: Usually fairly tall, can reach up to 6'5", but rarely get taller. Hardly ever is a full grown adult under 5'5". Their skin tones come in varying shades, but they normally have olive undertones. Lindi's people tend to have lighter hair colors, and only getting as dark as a medium brown on rare occasions. Those with darker hair colors normally originate from the Northern provinces. All variations, however, develop welt-like tattoos on their bodies after important life events.


Deep Elves:

Average Life Span: 400 years
Physical Attributes: Normally they have dark skin, limited to brown, gray, or purple depending on their surroundings. They have larger than normal eyes, to help see in the dark places that they live. They are some of the shorter cousins to the High Elves, and normally only reach heights of around 5'10".
Other: They have an uneasy relationship with mountain delving dwarves and many territory disputes pop up. But trade between the two peoples is common. Some clans have a close relationship with the Merpeople. Flooded lava tubes create a trade route between them, and fish is often herded into underground lakes for the Deep Elves to fish from in exchange for rare stones or weapons.



Kingdoms: None
Average Life Span: 75 years
Physical Attributes: Half breeds are as diverse a people as you can get. Though due to the proximity of Human settlements to Elven settlements, More than ¾ of the Half-Breed population is Half-Elf.
Other: Those of mixed blood are hardly ever considered a race, as their existence is looked down upon. However, the largest concentration can be found in the Human kingdom of Naver, where the 'Hunter' program was founded. Most end up hunted down and killed, or are enrolled in the hunting program. None have yet escaped this fate.



Average Life Span: 110 - 120 days without feeding
Physical Attributes: Usually very pale with semi-translucent skin. Eyes turn a light blue or entirely white. Most pigment has drained from their bodies.



Kingdoms: (Unexplored)

Average life span: 95 years Other: These aquatic take great joy in ganging up on seafaring vessels and tipping them over to ransack their cargo. They usually care little for their two-legged counterparts, but they developed a trade relationship with the Deep elves, who they sometimes encounter near underground pools and rivers in flooded lava tubes.



Kingdoms: Destroyed
Average Life Span: 100 years
Physical Attributes: Many display attributes similar to predator animals. They tend to live in small groups of families with similar coloring. Most of their bodies are covered with a short layer of fur, though some in the southern tribes have evolved to be hairless due to the heat.
Wildlings are a wild people, who used to build huge settlements in the most remote places in Eboreos. They are now mostly nomadic people.



Kingdoms: Destroyed
Average Life Span: 300 years
Physical attributes: They are normally rather short, though some variations can be as tall as 5'2", though they tend to be leaner than their stocky counterparts.



Dragons are sentient beings who are born in the heart of the volcano. Only one is known to exist and is rarely seen. For the most part, it does not bother the people and mainly exists as a protector. Once it dies, another will be born to take its place, as the continent can only sustain one at a time. It does, however, have an affinity for rare stones and items. They are normally seen as the embodiment of the goddess Hirel.


Extinct Peoples:

Centaur (War)
Avian (Disease)
Gorgon (War)
Vampire (Persecution)

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