Eboreos is a continent about the size of China that was formed almost entirely by Hirel, the volcano at its center. The climate of Eboreos ranges from frozen tundra on the outlying islands to the north- to semi-tropical on the southern peninsula. Most major cities have built themselves up around the base of the mountain.


For the most part, there is a universal language spoken in the larger kingdoms to aid in commerce and trade. However, most races have a secondary language that is used within their cultures alone. These are seen as sacred and are rarely spoken around strangers.

Gods in Eboreos:

Many people in Eboreos tend to keep talk of gods on the down-low, as speaking their names is said to summon them, and they are mostly worshiped out of fear rather than guidance. The most feared on Eboreos is the Hirel, the Goddess after whom the volcano was named.


History of Eboreos:

Many believe that life came to be on the continent thanks to each of their separate guardian deities who had a pact with the God of the Volcano, Hirel. In the beginning, no race really bothered the others. Each was happy with what they had and had no reason to move about. It wasn't until the eruption of Hirel that many peoples had to move around to find land that the rage of Hirel had not touched. Only then did tension begin to arise. With new knowledge of other races, trade routes opened, and the differences between people became more and more clear. Skirmishes began to pop up between peoples who wanted what the other had. Soon, an all-out war began. It wasn't until the second eruption of Hirel that the fighting stopped, as the people had come to the belief that the God of the Mountain was angry with them.
An uneasy treaty was put in place and the three largest Kingdoms each held a piece of the Treaty called the Trinity Crest. This is all beyond the written history of the land, and the true meaning of the Trinity Crest is lost. As per the terms of the treaty, the peoples of Eboreos lived in seclusion once again for many thousands of years until the cycle started over again, and trade once again opened between the people. But the hatred of others had passed down between generations, and again war broke out. This time, several races were wiped out, and many lesser kingdoms collapsed as well as the Major kingdom of the Dwarves. Their piece of the Crest was lost in battle. Inter-racial relations were outlawed during the war, and most kingdoms uphold this law throughout the land.
Vampirism had become a problem in the years during the war, and adapted to be able to drink the blood of the dead as well as the living. They thrived in the fields of dead soldiers. Such was the problem that in a mutual hatred of them, the Humans and Elves took up arms once again and destroyed the population. It was the Humans who found their last nest. In their victory, the humans drank the blood of the last vampire, unknowing of what it would do to them. The Vampire's Revenge, as it was initially known, took hold over the course of a few years. It claimed its first victim 70 years before the beginning of our story. It was discovered that the half-breeds were almost immune to the effects of the virus. They did not become sick and die as all others did, and were able to mostly maintain their humanity when exposed to the virus. In most cases, the virus enhanced their natural abilities, and made them a sort of living and sentient version of the ghouls that the virus normally created. Half-breeds were then rounded up and taken from their parents (who were normally then killed) and sent to a camp in the kingdom of Naver where they were exposed to the virus (normally by devouring the flesh of the infected. Blood-blood contact proved to be not as effective) These children were then trained and sent out to destroy the infected and keep them at bay.

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