Name: Lindethiel Caelna
Nickname: Lindi
Age: 153
Race: High Elf
First Appearance: Chapter 1 - Page 1

Daughter to King Faeron and Queen Bellethiel, Lindi is the princess of the elvish kingdom known as Baequi. She has never left her home, where summer eternally reigns, and has always lived up to the expectations of her parents and people.


Name: Queen Bellethiel Auvrea Caelna of Baequi
Race: High Elf
First Appearance: Chapter 1 - Page 3

The last remaining member of the Auvrea family, Lady Bellethiel was betrothed to the king during a time of war. After the fall of his family, the two took the throne together and led their people into a time of peace. Their marriage eventually brought the birth of their first and only child, Lindethiel. As Ambassador to the Baequi royal family, she is known throughout the land for her kindness and intelligence.


Name:Faeron Caelna
Race: High Elf

First Appearance: Chapter 1 - Page 10



Name: Unknown
Nickname: Legion
Age: 62
Race: Half Blood

First Appearance: Prologue - Page 4

Legion has spent most of his life as a mercenary, working most constantly under the thumb of several Eboreos governments. But once he decided to move on, his relationships were soured and he was forced to live under cover as a priest of the Goddess Hirel for several years. But an unfortunate incident forced him to move on once again. He now concentrates all of his efforts into finding a cure for the virus that corrupts Eboreos. And he will do everything in his power to find it.


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